From Mark 12:13-17 / Images – The first thing a passage like this teaches us, is that not everything in life, even in theology is always an either/or dichotomy. Is it lawful to pay taxes to Caesar? Yes or no? As though one cannot honor God AND pay taxes to a pagan king. And as in this case, the only true answer is “both/and”. God has instituted human government, and, there is His divine government. And we have responsibilities to both. But secondly, we see that the word “likeness” or image that Jesus uses her referring to Caesar’s image on the coin, is the very same Greek word used in Gen 1:26 (in the Greek version of the Old Testament most often quoted by New Testament writers). The NET notes comment: “Jesus is making a subtle yet powerful contrast: Caesar’s image is on the denarius, so he can lay claim to money through taxation, but God’s image is on humanity, so he can lay claim to each individual life.” And that, is the point. Each of us were made in God’s image, and He rightly lays claim to each and every one of us.

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