Think About It

From Mark 12:35-37 – Think About It / In this portion, Jesus is specifically asking the religious to think carefully about the question of the incarnation. But He does not do so in the abstract. He does so, by asking them how they understand the Scriptures. He‘s not asking for mere feelings, impressions or opinions, but after careful examination, how do they understand a passage like Ps. 110:1. Remember, the Pharisees also held that the Messiah would descend from David’s bloodline. But one can hold some deep truths, and yet still be lost apart from knowing the whole truth. We can read our Bibles, even study them deeply, and never actually wrestle with truths of ultimate importance. Gathering data, but not hearing what is being said by The Spirit. Like these, we too could hold the truth of Jesus’ Davidic descent and yet be ignorant of His deity. And this omission is absolutely paramount. To hold Him as only a good, righteous teacher, is still to remain in darkness. And Jesus is forcing this issue in this place. For apart from this crucial point, one is still without salvation. He is revisiting with these, the very same thing He questioned His disciples on in 8:29. And if we do not know that He is the Christ, God’s sent anointed one to rule and reign – we do not yet know Him.

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