From Mark 12:38-40 / Beware! / Three things stand out in this short passage.

a. When Jesus says to beware of “the scribes”, He is not speaking of individual personalities, but of a school of thought and action. The chief issue being hypocrisy. Teaching one thing, but doing something else. In this case, preaching and teaching Biblical morality, while having hearts steeped in sinful motives. b. His criticism is not for the mere cause of criticizing – this is a warning of love to those who might end up influenced by this thought system. c. It is a loving rebuke to those already in this thought system. He is seeking their deliverance in the process – not merely lodging a complaint. Though as God and Judge – He can in fact lodge such complaints in ways we cannot. But note this – those who have the Scriptures and imagine themselves to know the truth are held to a higher standard than those who don’t have such benefits. We are responsible for the grace we have received. See: Isa. 5.

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