From Mark 12:41-44 / Giving – God is not looking for people with a great capacity to serve, but with great willingness. We so often confuse the two and imagine if we cannot do a lot – then what we CAN do, is not acceptable. But it is not so. He only asks we be willing to do what it is in our hands to do. In the parable of the talents (a talent being a sum of money), He says that The Master gave something “to each according to his ability.” God will not demand of you what He has entrusted to someone else, nor vice versa. And such abilities often change with age, resources and circumstances. He knows your gifts and abilities, and your inabilities. And He only seeks your willingness to be used according to what you CAN do, not according to what you can’t. But let us take note of the dear woman here – when it came to God’s service, she gave proportionally more than those who gave out of their surplus. Know well – HE knows well what or service costs us. He is never blind to our “two small copper coins.” Note too, that while Jesus’ criticisms are most often in terms of groups or categories – His commendations are most often individual.

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