The Proof is in The Pudding

From Mark 13:9-13 / The Proof Is In The Pudding – As Jesus continues His discourse on both Jerusalem’s destruction and the intervening years before His return – He does not paint a picture of Christians living “their best life now” by worldly standards. Just the opposite. 1st, He gives the Disciples some assurance: Yes, there will be great upheaval – but the end? Be aware of a global plan of getting the Gospel to permeate the earth first. Do not be drawn into schemes which look for doomsday too soon. 2nd, because the Spirit will give them things to say when persecuted, does not mean they will be given epic, earth shattering things to say at that moment. They may even be given things to say that are very small and of no seeming import to those who are persecuting them – as testimonies before God of His judgment upon the persecutors. They (and we) are responsible to speak the truth. We are not responsible for how it is received. 3rd, Many profess many things. But those who are true – endure. Those who are not, fail along the way. Do not be fooled, those who do not endure, were never His. The proof of genuine conversion, is endurance, persisting in trusting and living for Jesus – to the end.

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