Lesson From The Fig Tree

From Mark 13:28-31 / Lesson from The Fig Tree – Those who major on prophecies regarding Jesus’ second coming place a lot of weight on His analogy of the fig tree here. It is often postulated that Israel is the fig tree, and count the time of its reconstitution in 1948 to be the time when it “put out its leaves” – and therefore Jesus must return within the generation dated from that time. Since 40 or 50 years was typically considered a generation – of all the date setting schemes based upon the idea, all have failed. Leaving the prophecy speculations to others, perhaps it is better simply to understand Jesus’ assurance to His redeemed ones here. That the phrase may not imply Jesus is ready to return at that moment, but rather is a means of comforting them and us , by letting all know He is not distant, uninvolved or disinterested. Even in the hour of the abomination of desolation, wars and rumors of wars, famines, earthquakes and global upheaval – He is near at hand. He never leaves His own. Never forsakes us. If Heaven and Earth themselves were to pass away in some un-imagined conflagration or disaster – His promises, His Word not only cannot, but WILL NOT pass away. We are safe in Him.

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