A Portrait in Courage

From Mark 14:1-9 / A Portrait in Courage – What a contrast there is between the chief priests and scribes in verses 1-2, and Mary in 3-9. Each of us has reasons for what we do. And one of the most motivating is what others think of us. We usually think of the term peer pressure in this regard. We all have that someone or someones whose opinion of us, how we imagine we’ll be seen in their eyes is – even if unconsciously – paramount. For the chief priests and scribes, they feared the public opinion of the people. And so they were paralyzed. They feared the push-back of the people, but not the condemnation of their God for seeking to murder the Son of God. They made their choice. As cowards. Mary in contrast fears the opinions of none but her Savior. She suffers scorn, abuse and chastisement from the very disciples of Jesus. But nothing can put her off from this lavish expression of love and gratitude toward Him. Was it unseemly? We’ll look at that again. In the end, it doesn’t matter – for it was received and delighted in by her Lord. So maybe the world thinks us old-fashioned, out of touch, even on “the wrong side of history.” If we are on the side of our Savior in being quietly steadfast in pointing to His death burial and resurrection for our sins and justification – let others think what they will. She, even above the apostles here, believed what He had said about His upcoming death, and responded out of faith. That is the courage we need today as well in making His sacrifice known. And let us be clear – it is His atoning death which must be indispensably proclaimed. The message of the Cross must be first and foremost. Let others think or say what they will.

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