As I was reading today: A Sweet Taste of Newton

The second stanza of the poem below is one I’ve had inscribed on the flyleaf of my Bible for nearly 20 years. It wasn’t until today that I happened upon the entire text as recorded in Vol 3 of Newtons … Continue reading

As I Was Reading Today: Spiritual Maturity in John Newton

The subject of spiritual maturity ought to beĀ IS one in which every Christian has a vital interest. If God’s stated purpose for us in our redemption, is conformity to the image of Christ (Rom. 8:29). And if Eph. 4:15 exhorts … Continue reading

Newton on the Paradoxical Plight of the Ordinary Christian

Among John Newton’s letters is the following one to an unnamed recipient. In it, Newton addresses what few of us admit to in public: That even as Christians, our prayer lives, our attention to Scripture, our love for Christ and … Continue reading

A little bite of Newton with your coffee.

One of Newton’s letters is to a young pastor who is struggling with being very poor. Newton’s letter is full of comfort, and helping the individual to recognize the goodness of God in His sometimes inscrutable providences in this regard. … Continue reading