A Prayer for a brother

I just got an email from a dear brother struggling with temptation, and thought maybe you could use the encouragement too.

Heavenly Father, my dear brother is feeling the power of the Enemy’s onslaught, the weakness of his own flesh, and the staggering weight of the world’s system militating against his love for his wife and his love and obedience toward you. And I stop this moment and ask for him – to gain an extra supply of your strength right now to sustain him in this difficult hour. Christ our Savior knows the times when temptation is particularly acute. He is fully aware of our weakness and knows how weariness and discouragement can make us even more vulnerable. And it because He knows these so well that I call upon you this very hour with great confidence that while we have nothing in ourselves to sustain us – your Word is still true – and if YOU be for us, who can be against us? Though the enemy bluster, he is a liar. Though the flesh scream as though it will not survive, it lies too. And though the world promises every relief – this too is nothing but a lie and will not relief or result in gain, but only pain and loss. Support my dear brother Father. Where he is, in the difficulty of this hour – make your presence known and fill his heart with the knowledge of your love toward him in Christ. Cause his heart and mind to be stuffed to the full with your glory, so that he can have no appetite for anything else. Let the satisfaction of his soul that so completely delights give him desire for you and you alone. Send your Spirit to comfort him, strengthen him, encourage him, uphold him, satisfy him and deliver him. Open your Word to feed him. Light to keep him from hopelessness. Freedom in the Beloved, even as he has your total acceptance in the Beloved. Let him finish this day knowing how you have met him. In Christ’s stead we pray – knowing full well our own intercession accords with His on high – and He cannot be denied.



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