Read’em and weep

And you thought Monty Python was silly!

If they weren’t so tragically sad, the two following articles (well, at least one of them) would be laughable.

The recent Charisma Magazine
story is one that shockes the sensibilites, but DOES renew my plea for the need for revival in the Church in America especially. We can close our eyes all we want, and we can distance ourselves from these yahoo’s – but when the dust settles, these things are supposedly done in the name of Christ and that effects us all. The question is – what are we to do?

This second article is actually a blog entry from
James Spurgeon
(no, he claims no direct familial link other than ecclesiastically and theologically).

Here, the example of the entire foolishness of legalism’s ultimate outcome is to good to pass up. But once again, this is “the Church”. The Church we’re a part of. And we need to think about how we should respond.

7 thoughts on “Read’em and weep

  1. Hard to believe these kinds of things (both extremes) are going on. Both articles gave me a good laugh, and then a good cry. Makes me want to be MORE holy, more like Christ in these evil days. Surely He is coming soon! (I hope!)

  2. Having lived through both extremes of churches (i.e. too liberal and too legalistic) … I have come to the conclusion many years ago that we human creatures can do almost ANYTHING … except stay balanced. If there is an extreme, we will find some way to head for it. All I can say is THANK GOD He reigns us in, or one can only imagine what extremes the human race would go to!!

    I have really appreciated the series on Romans, especially the last sermon on 11/13 … it took me a long time to learn the lesson that God saves the ungodly AND that even though we are saved we are not perfected until we pass from this life!!

    For many, many years I lived under such guilt because those around me professed to either be “perfected” (which I knew for sure I wasn’t) or worthless “worms” … what a blessing when I finally understood that:

    1) I am NOT a worm, I am an adopted son!!! (i.e. there is what I deserve and what I have gained by HIS grace) … and

    2) That Paul actually meant exactly what he said when he wrote about his struggle with wanting to do right, but still sinning. I actually heard a pastor preach a sermon where he tried to explain that verse away because he was sure Paul had reached a point of “sinless perfection”. (A point that I knew in my heart that I would not reach).

    The good news for me … God is faithful!! Even though I get fickle, HE will finish what He has started!!!!

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