Redux in a row

“Science rules out the most cartoonish versions of God by debunking specific claims about ancient civilizations in North America or the creation ex nihilo of human life.” Daniel Gilbert.

Really? Science rules out the creation ex nihilo of human life? What would Hugh Ross think of that?

If you have followed some of the discussion between Brad Hansen and me on Creationsim and the young earth/old earth debate – then I think you’ll find the following article an interesting support regarding my mistrust of “science so called” if I may use the Biblical phrase.

Its a good read. And It helps prove my point. Check out Daniel Gilbert’s
entire article.


3 thoughts on “Redux in a row

  1. Reid, I don’t really see the connection here. The dubious “science” known as psychology which attempts to label as normal all that God has long labeled sin can hardly be compared to the scientific tradition, founded mainly by devout Christians, of using scientific method in order to “think God’s thoughts after Him.” Astronomy, physics and cosmology exquisitely corroborate, in extraordinary detail, God’s creation of the entire universe ex-nihilo–not that God needs our corroboration. He has allowed us to discover it nonetheless.

  2. The connection is that most “science” today presuppositionally rejects supernaturalism on every front. So it must always “discover” a naturalistic cause for every phenomena. If one does not allow that some things do not have the naturalistic origin they “appear” to have by virtue of mere empirical evidence, then there is no discussion. Certainly there are good men & women who do not fall into that trap, but the preponderance of those at the forefront of the scientific community would seem to.

    Remember, when Jesus was realying the dialogue between Abraham and the Rich Man in Hell, Abraham did not respond to his request for someone to go back and warn his brothers about Hell – by telling them to observe the creation and extrapolate God. “They have Moses and the prophets” was the response – “let them hear them” and if they won’t hear them – even is one comes back from the dead, it will have no impact. Men who will reject the revelation of God in the propositional truth of His Word, will not find a supernatural explantation even if one returns from the grave. They will reject the phenomena because they already reject God.

    Maybe Hugh and I just disagree at what point one has to say the natural explanations end and the spuernatural ones must take over. But at some point, we will all be faced with the dilemma of making that choice. And if we do not concede God at the beginning, I doubt we will truly have Him at the end. My theory at least explains how it is the supposed empirical evidence may in fact have a rational supernatural basis.

    Hugh I think is caught in a similar trap to many philosophers – one of endless regression. Dominated by the physical and natural, he will be forced to push the line between the natural and the supernatural further and further back based upon each “discovery.” Science cannot ultimately arrive at God, because “The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned.”

    God is by nature transcendent. Science does not nor can it deal with the transcendent. It has no such catagory. It may discover individual truths, but it can never arrive at the truth because in Christ are hidden all the riches of the wisdom of God. And it is ‘truth” which THE Truth, which must be the unifying factor behind all things. Einstein thought the teory of relativity would tie it all together. Later Quantum tried for the brass ring. String theory is probably the most active current attempt. But you cannot exaplin it all apart from Christ, and you cannot get Christ from the study of creation.

    Ah! I’m just repeating myself and boring you.

    Cool stuff!


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