Depraved Soul’s Abyss


Arriving with nudity and explicit gay sex scenes between two cowboys, UNIVERSAL/FOCUS FILMS’s BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN has quietly become an award season frontrunner, interviews with Academy members reveal.

“It could very well be the last film standing at this year’s Oscars,” a top Hollywood producer not associated with the film explained from Hollywood.

“There was not a dry eye in the house at the screening at Telluride [Film Festival in Colorado],” says the producer, who asked not to be named out of respect for the cast and crew of the producer’s own Oscar contender. “Watch it come out of the gate at the Golden Globes with super controversy.”

What are we to say?

Cinemagraphically, it may be the finest photographed, scripted, acted, edited and sound-tracked movie ever made.

I don’t know. I haven’t seen, and do not intend to.

But just as pornography isn’t elevated to art simply because it may be made with technical excellence, neither is the celebration of deviancy.

When Luther replied to Erasmus’ work on free will, he said: “your book…struck me a so worthless and poor that my heart went out to you for having defiled your lovely, brilliant flow of language with such vile stuff. I thought it outrageous to convey material of so low a quality in the trappings of such rare eloquence; it is like using gold or silver dishes to carry garden rubbish or dung.”


My heart continues to weep for our nation – and to plead for the revival we so desperately need.

4 thoughts on “Depraved Soul’s Abyss

  1. A sad day.

    Our country is bored with its level of deviance and desires to explore more. If a person’s full time job is to watch immorality all day (a movie critic), he/she is probably looking for something new. Well this is it, I guess.

    I was sick of hearing about it the first time I heard about it.


  2. Thanks for keeping us informed. Had not heard of this film. Hollywood has always “pushed the envelope,” as they say, testing to see what the public response will be and how much they can get by with. My hope (or perhaps wishful thinking) is that this film will do poorly at the box office, reflecting the true feelings of the public (a majority of whom, I would think, disapprove of the “gay” lifestyle). Perhaps that will tell Hollywood the kind of film people want to go see (or DON’T). Considering how well “Chronicles of Narnia” has done lately, along with “The Passion of the Christ,” there is some encouragement for those of us who prefer films that lift us out of the gutter and help us aspire to a higher, more noble and godly way.

  3. Good article. The deviants of Hollywood are once again trying to manipulate the morals of America. It is indeed a sad day when such slime can be so highly lauded even though the majority of theatres around the country will not even show it.

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