Reading Through The Bible

esv2.jpgOur Church is currently reading through the Bible together. Following the Discipleship Journal Bible Reading plan, in about 20 minutes per day – only 5 days per week (gives you Sats & Suns to catch up or reflect). With that, most days as time permits (Tuesdays are my day off) I’ve been writing a short piece to go with each day’s reading, and I thought maybe I’d include it here on the blog each day as well. Who knows – it might just be a blessing to someone.

By the way – I use the ESV – the official version of Responsive Reiding. esv.logo.gif

Today’s Readings #1-Feb. : Matt. 10:21-42;
Acts 15:22-41; Psalm 24; Ex. 1-3

Our fist reading in February brings us to the
opening chapters of Exodus. The beginnings in
Genesis left Israel in bondage to Egypt, and
mankind in bondage to sin and condemnation.
Now begins the record of God’s intent to
rescue and deliver His own. Oh what a great
God we serve. He does not forget our plight
even though we brought it on ourselves. Adam
wanted to be God and would leave himself
ruling over this little ball of dirt in a forgotten
corner of the universe. God’s designs were
infinitely higher. Israel, like Adam, wanted to
stay in Goshen rather than leave after the famine
and return to the inheritance He had promised.
Choosing the symbol over the reality always
results in loss. But God is not forgetful of His
promises, nor of the children He made them to.
Weaving His sovereign ways into the tapestry
of human government, ancient dynasties, and
seemingly random circumstances; Moses is born
and raised in courts of Egypt’s rulers. Clear
about his desire and call to free his people (see
Acts 7:25) but unclear as to God’s time, method
and means, he lands on the backside of the
desert – to learn the gentle art of shepherding
for 40 years, to prepare him for the 40 years yet
to come. Perhaps you’ve made ill informed
choices – even trying to carry out the will of
God as you understood it at the time. And
nothing but disaster resulted. Is God done? Is
His plan thwarted? Are you finished, unusable
and unredeemable? Never. Your missteps may
find you where you never dreamed you’d be.
But God is still God. Even in Horeb. The name
Horeb means “dry and desolate” – but God was
there for Moses, and He will yet show Himself
in your dry and desolate place too. Patience
beloved. He never fails – even when we do.


2 thoughts on “Reading Through The Bible

  1. I’ve tried to read through the Bible every year, but it lasts about two months! I think having weekends to catch up or to rephlect is a better method. What a great idea (and what a blessing it must be) to be reading it together as a church body. I’m sure that is a good motivator phor everyone to keep at it, when they know everyone else is doing it with them…and when you are commenting on each day’s reading. I look phorward to reading them (your comments), too. The comments on your blog today were a great encouragement to me!

  2. thanks so much. The Church does seem to have enjoyed it thus phar. I’ve heard good comments all around. And knowing the pholks are all reading together makes repherences to these passages more impactphul – and hopephully they’re even talking amongst themselves about them.

    Blessings: Reid

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