ALIENS! ALIENS! And the problem is?…


So NASA announces they’ve (probably) found liquid water on one of the moons of Saturn – Enceladus. And the problem is?…

That’s just it, there is no problem. Flip Wilson used to say: “Do the name Ruby Begonia ring a bell?” And I say – can you spell – DUH! God is a God of life. He created not only human life, but plant life and animal life. Now hold on to your toupees – He also created other sentient life besides we humans. “He did?” you ask with wide-eyed wonder at the suggestion – yes indeedy Kids, they’re called angels. alien5.jpgAnd the simple reality is, that there is nothing at all difficult or Bible contradicting or spiritually or doctrinally fabric-of-the-universe rending if He has deposited some life forms elsewhere. It is just plain irrelevant to redemptive history. It doesn’t matter. They’re just bugs, or plants, or microbes, or maybe even some sentient host – but the Gospel is about Christ taking on human flesh and dying for the sins of Adam’s race and we can just make contact and whoop it up with our extraterrestrial neighbors if we should find out we have them. Let’s do Bar-b-que!alien6.jpg

So bring on Marvin the Martian. marvin.jpg
Bring on the Clingons – OK, maybe not the Clingons, none of their food looks very good, but I could do with a few Vuclans some Shape Shifters, a Trill or two, even a couple of Bajorans and a Wookie AND a Sith. Who cares? Not one iota of Gospel truth is threatened by the appearance of any or all of them. God is God. He still rules and reigns in His universe and I’m hoping it is wildly populated with creatures of all kinds. alien7.jpg Except if they look like cats. I really don’t want more cat like creatures – ya know?

We are Christ’s and Christ is Lord and we will rule and reign with Him. Aliens notwithstanding.

I DO hope they look cool.alien3.jpg


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