“But he was wounded for our transgressions;
he was crushed for our iniquities;
upon him was the chastisement that brought us peace,
and with his stripes we are healed.”


In view of this coming Resurrection Sunday’s celebration – I offer you Isa. 53 in verse, for the sake of deepening our soul’s realization of Christ’s atoning work at Calvary.

Who has believed what we’ve declared?
Who has discerned God’s Arm full bared ?
For He came like us, in but human frame;
In a place unlike its former fame;
Without majestic, pomp or form,
In likeness of sinful flesh was born.
Un-prized, they set Him by the way;
Though in our grief He walked each day
And lived like those we shun to know.
We too, our disregard bestowed.
But truly, its our griefs He bore,
And carried all our sorrows sore;
While we suspected God’s disdain
Lay back behind His cross of pain.
But all His wounds were for our sin.
Our wickedness had done Him in.
Our peace would cost His death – no less,
To exchange our sin with His holiness
For every one of us has turned
For Self, the love of God we’ve spurned,
And Father placed on His dear soul
Sin’s twisted wreck of Adam, whole.
He felt our bonds, sin’s cutting whips,
Yet no defenses passed His lips.
As silent as a lamb He went to die.
As though He’d had but naught to fear
He held His peace as Calvary drew near.
Miscarried justice dragged Him bound
While none in all the world around
Considered how His death would be
The justice due both you and me.
He died as though a wicked cur
By those whose need they don’t observe;
Though never was He cruel or base,
No, never less than Truth and Grace.
How can it be? But God ordained
To crush and kill and grieve
That through the altar-ed Sacrifice
When risen up – He’s set a Seed
And so His glorious end is unrestrained.
His soul’s travail is worth its aim
He’s satisfied to die.
By faith, His righteousness is theirs
Their sin, He’ll bear on high.

“Come Son – inherit all your own
and share it with your Prize;
You poured your soul out unto death
And though you were despised –
The sin you bore was not your own,
Interceding, bought your blood-cleansed Bride.”


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