The Secret Message of Jesus

mclaren.jpg I was going to write a review of this book, but I was too saddened. And, conflicted over how to approach such a clear departure from the faith. The review/response would have to be larger then the book. And to what end?

As I pondered, a friend of mine, Ben Askins, sent me the following quote from C. S. Lewis on an unrelated subject. As I reflected upon it, I realized, it IS the review of this sad book. Why try to improve upon it?

“All theology of the liberal type involves at some point… the claim that
the real behavior and purpose and teaching of Christ came very rapidly to
be misunderstood and misrepresented by his followers, and has been
recovered or exhumed only by modern scholars.”

Pray for Brian.

One thought on “The Secret Message of Jesus

  1. I appreciate your willingness to not descend into name calling and all around general hate. Yet I must say I cannot agree with even your approach to criticizing McLaren’s book. Something that enables true dialogue would be far more helpful than a pithy quote out of context from C.S. Lewis

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