A Preacher’s Manifesto

I am a preacher of the Gospel,
One of the sails on a great ship.
I did not make myself.
I was created by His hand,
For His purpose.
Sin brought rottenness, carelessness and neglect.
But the holes are mended through by His Grace,
Lest even unfurled, I am of no use.
Prayerlessness keeps me wrapped and rolled.
Prayer alone hoists me high in preparation for service.
Yet, mended in righteousness and hoisted high in prayer,
If the Wind not blow, If the Spirit not move;
There is no power, no progress, no true advancement toward the Harbor.
I am, we are, adrift – and at the mercy of the currents, or lack of them.
Holy Spirit – Breathe on us!

RAF: 5/21/98


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