A Christmas Poem

A Christmas Poem
From Luke 1 & 2

Who am I?
Good Joseph prayed
This Life, to guard and raise
A sinful creature, wracked with doubt
While He Ė the King of Days?

Who am I?
Sweet Mary thought
To carry, Christ, Godís Son
Within the womb He made Himself
That redemptionís work be done?

Who am I?
The Angel said
To bring such news to men
That unto them, the Saviorís born
In a trough, in Bethlehem?

Who are we?
The Shepherds cried
To be the first to hear
The Blessed Lamb of God, Divine
To men has now appeared?

Who are we?
The Magi asked
In honor, gifts to bring
That all the world may come to know
That This, is Heavenís King?

Who am I?
Might each one say
That God, would bow and bleed
To die for wrecks of Adamís race
To save, a wretch, like me?

His Church proclaims
No less, than God and Man
Born to die, in Sinnerís stead
Godís Son, Christ, Lord, The Lamb

All glory laud and honor
All Heavenís highest praise
To Jesus Christ The Lamb of God
Whose blood, the sin debt, pays


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