What’s the most difficult thing in the Bible for you to believe?

disbvelief.jpgWalk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture

John 3.16 – “For God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.”

I left my weekly, Bible-Study breakfast this morning about 8:30. One of the other weekly participants in this study was walking beside me when he asked me: What is the thing you find hardest to believe in the Bible? It was a natural question growing out of what today’s speaker had shared. The speaker, was recently invited to Oxford University to participatein a colloquy on the compatibility of religion and science. A great topic. In the process, how we are to understand things like creation, and the age of the universe etc., arose, as you might expect. I failed to see the real question I was asked. His being taken aback at my statement told me it was unexpected. My response? The thing I find hardest to believe in the Bible, is that God loves me. The more I study and confront His holiness, and the more I learn of the depths of sin in my own heart, the more amazing His love is to me. He nodded in agreement and then helped me see he was thinking more in terms of which miracles seem so incredible that they might be hard to take in without question. And we talked a bit about that. Then, as I drove away, I thought about how odd my answer must have sounded to him. How out of step it probably is with much of today’s mainstream Christianity, or the World in general. But since my friend and I had to part before we could explore these notions deeper, I will ask you today reader – what is the thing you find most difficult to believe in the Bible? Why? What makes it hard to believe? Is it fear men have somehow corrupted it? Does it cut across the grain of how you might like things to be? Is it just too wonderful to be received without question? What? And when you find it – I would suggest some timein prayer to lay it before Him, and to ask Him to enlarge your heart and mind so that you might drink in His truth unfiltered by human limitations, and sweetly fermented by the illuminating work of the Holy Spirit to see and know God greater, higher, more glorious and more transcendent than you had ever imagined. He is a great God.


3 thoughts on “What’s the most difficult thing in the Bible for you to believe?

  1. God put a certain customer into my life last week that made my life uncomfortable. The dealing could have been much worse, certainly. And I am thankful it was not. But it did make me think about the condition of my heart left to its own desires, wants, needs, lusts, and so on. How did my heart get into such a sorry state? And what if God were to simply let me go and leave me to my own devises. I “can” imagine what I would become. But God, in His love for me, has determined for me to be one of His own. I don’t deserve it! His mercy He extends to me each moment….this is too awesome a thought to entertain, much less understand. I should go to Hell. Mike H

  2. You came up with the same answer that King David and I did: Psalm 8:4 “What is man that You take thought of him, And the son of man that You care for him?”

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