Raising the Stupidity Level, Sinking Credibility.

The New York Times article HERE is titled “Raising the Titanic, Sinking Christianity.” Movie maker James Cameron says he has found “proof” that Jesus was human only, and they have his bones, and those of his family, and they’re going to expose it all on TV. In the words of that great icon of American deep thought – Dorothy Gale – “lions and tigers and bears – oh my!”


Caskets and bone dust and fiction – oh my!

The TIMES, in their own fine effort at investigative reporting quotes Canada’s Globe and Mail as reporting:

“If the evidence adduced is correct, the bone boxes, and microscopic remains of DNA still contained inside, would constitute the first archaeological evidence of the existence of the Christian savior and his family.

“Tests on mitochondrial DNA obtained from the Jesus and Mariamne boxes and conducted at Lakehead University’s Paleo-DNA laboratory in Thunder Bay, show conclusively that the two individuals were not maternally related. According to Carney Matheson, head of the lab, this likely means they were related by marriage.”

Three comments.

  • I see. And just who provided a DNA sample from the real Jesus so that they could test it against that for authentication? Humm. Yeah, I thought so.
  • And, the only answer for the non-linked DNA of the two males found which shows they were not maternally related and that “likely means they were related by marriage” – likely means that why? Because we like it! That’s why.
  • And so the entire events of the New Testament are so fabricated that Jesus REMAINS in Jerusalem, has a family and not ONE SINGLE OUTSIDE SOURCE AT THE TIME point to His very public family tomb? OK, unh, are you maybe interested in a deal I have on some ocean front property in Ohio? I’ve got a deal.

’nuff said.


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