Reacting or Responding – This Week in 1 Peter part 5

1 Peter part 5 – is a study in moving from being those who merely REACT, to those, who, like our Savior, RESPOND in the power of the Holy Spirit instead.
It is a powerful dynamic and as necessary and relevant as the front page of today’s newspaper, or the Drudge Report.
It is central to living right, in this upside down world.
The Holy Spirit has a LOT to say to us in the first 3 verses of 1 Peter chapter 2. And that will be our focus this Sunday should the Lord tarry and allow.
So we’ll be having read for us – 1 Peter 2:1-3, and the entire 34th Psalm.
​But if you have the time, reading Psalm ​73. Asaph’s confession there is most enlightening – and we’ll touch on it a bit in our study together.
Come ready to search out and hear God’s Word.

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