My Annual Mother’s Day Poem


A Mother’s Poem

For Mother’s Day 2016

By Reid Ferguson

Written in 8-7-8-9

With apologies to Dr. Seuss



Back before primordial slime

Way back when – time before time

Deep in the heart of God divine

Rose this thought in His infinite mind


Creatures He would make great and small

Some would walk, slither or crawl

Some would be short, and some so tall

He’d make a planet to house them all


Cats and wombats, insects like bees

Scorpions, lemurs and fleas

Flying the skies, scaling the trees

High on mountains or deep in the seas


But one would rise above the rest

In His mind, best of the best

This shining jew’l, must be confessed

Was not what any angel had guessed


Eyes that see before and behind

Strong like bull, but sweet and kind

Soft to the touch, but steely spined

A multi-tasking, pliable mind


Not grossed out by diapers or puke

Able to praise, and rebuke

Savvy to spot what’s false or truth

Willing in play, to act like a kook


Nursing or, formula bottlers

Coach and praise tiny waddlers

Cook for teens, adults and swaddlers

Able too, to stare down all toddlers


Content with work that’s never done

Rising ‘fore the morning sun

Can shift from tired to having fun

Remains composed e’en when shocked and stunned


Will bear a child in awful pain

Doing it once, then again

And acting like that’s sound and sane

God’s most unique, unfath’mable brain


Surely, she is like no other

Woman, friend, comfort, lover

Creation’s crown, not another

She alone, will bear the name – Mother.

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