Dr. David Allen’s ETS Paper on Calvin and the Atonement

This year, my wife and I were privileged to attend the 2017 annual ETS (Evangelical Theological Society) meeting in Providence RI. One of the true highlights was to see my friend Dr. David Allen of SWBTS. If you haven’t read it, Dr. Allen’s seminal work on the extent of the Atonement is an absolute “must-read” for anyone wishing to interact with the issues surrounding debates on the extent of Christ’s atonement. Because his work is primarily historical theology (though in the process plenty of exegetical work gets done as well) it is an invaluable tool for dismantling prevailing myths about how Baptists and Calvinistic Baptists in particular (though Dr. Allen would not characterize himself as Calvinistic) have understood this vital topic.

Dr. Allen’s paper at ETS is a short but potent digest dealing specifically with the research done on Clavin’s own view of the extent of the aotnement. It is drawn from material in the larger book. The content will surprise many, no doubt anger a few, but inform all who spend the time to read it. It is a mere 20 pages but it is jam-packed with research and solid information. Agree or disagree, it is powerful, thought provoking, worthwhile and important. The link below will take to the paper which he has kindly allowed me to post here. ENJOY!

Allen ETS Paper – Calvin and the Extent of the Atonement


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