Through the Word in 2020 – May 14 / All of Grace

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Orphaned. Abandoned. Disabled. And grandson to David’s fiercest enemy – Saul. And yet greatly loved for the sake of another – his father Jonathan. Few Old Testament figures so perfectly typify the reality of the Believer as does the case of Mephibosheth. We’ll look at that a bit more today on Through the Word in 2020. I’m your host Reid Ferguson. Thanks for joining us today.
2 Corinthians 6:14-7:1Mark 10:35-45 and 2 Samuel 7-9 make up our reading block for today. Each could be an episode or more on its own – but our focus today will be on chapter 9 of 2 Samuel and the interesting picture of grace in the life of this man, Mephibosheth.
Chapter 4 tells us this man was only 5 years old the day his father and grandfather both died in battle. Fearing the defeat might spill over and their lives be in danger too – his nurse grabbed him to flee to safety. In her haste, she fell and both of his feet were damaged. He was disabled the rest of his life.
Our narrative picks up no less than 7 years after that event – and possibly a good many more. Regardless, a number of the details powerfully portray the nature of God’s saving grace.
Sin brought about Saul’s and Israel’s defeat – just as sin brought about Adam’s and the defeat of all of those in him – you and me.
Saul’s defeat resulted in his grandson’s being permanently disabled and unable to walk rightly from his tenderest years through the rest of his life. In Adam’s fall, came ours too. And we, from our earliest years cannot walk uprightly before our God.
King David remembers well his love for his dear friend Jonathan – Mephibosheth’s father – and seeks to bless his offspring in his name. He blesses him because of his love for Jonathan. And so it is we are greatly beloved of God and He seeks to bless us on behalf of another – even Jesus Christ who died in our place and for our sin.
Mephibosheth appears trembling before the king with nothing to commend him but his relationship to Jonathan. Permanently and completely disabled – he can offer nothing to the King. And we appear before our king with nothing to commend us but our union with Jesus Christ through faith. We must depend upon His grace completely.
Mephibosheth is not only received by King David, but is greatly loved by him, and given a place at his royal table throughout all his days. And we, who come in Christ, are so greatly loved, and seated with Christ Jesus in the heavenly places. We are to dine with Him and eat at His table eternally.
Mephibosheth will fail David later – probably through the deceit of a man named Ziba. But David spares him being unwilling to ever break his oath – his promises and his love for Jonathan (21:7) And we too, at times fail our gracious King through the deceit of the Devil, the World, and even our own flesh. But because He is faithful to all His promises – and because of His great love for us – we are spared and restored.
How the Gospel comes alive in this Old Testament narrative. And how we modern Mephibosheths of today – need to remember that our salvation is all of grace, all of grace, all of grace.
All praise to our glorious Christ and King.
If our salvation depended upon our lame selves – we would be lost forever. But it is the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ that delivers us from death – and brings us into the Royal family – secure in Him.
Let that soak into your soul today Christian.
God bless, and God willing, we’ll be back tomorrow.

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