Through the Word in 2020 – May 15 / What Miracles Really Mean

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Virtually all of the miracles done by Jesus during His earthly ministry – speak to some aspect of how sin has affected us. And then, in those miracles, we also see how it is Jesus is the sufficient Savior for all that sin has ruined.
We’ll look at that a bit more closely in this account of Jesus healing a blind man named Bartimaeus. That record is found in today’s reading in the Gospel of Mark which includes – 10:46-11:22. I’m Reid Ferguson, and this is Through the Word in 2020.
Along with the portion I’ve already cited in the Gospel of Mark, we’re also scheduled to read: 2 Samuel 10:1-12:25; 2 Corinthians 7:2-16 and Psalm 90.
The miracles of Jesus prove to be of little benefit to you and me, unless we really take in what is being communicated by them. And that is far more, indeed, far more important than any healing an individual might have been graciously blessed with.
Sin, is complicated. And pernicious. It doesn’t just make us guilty before God, it has tangible devastating effects in our entire being: Body, soul and mind.
So it is there are a number of categories of miracles Jesus performed – all opening up to us the horror of sin, and the glory of Christ’s triumph over it.
There were Miracles of Provision – like turning the water into wine at Cana or feeding the 5,000.
In them, we see how sin has bankrupted us from the knowledge of Christ being God’s sufficiency for our eternal joy and satisfaction. Jesus’ provides Himself as the very Bread of Life.
Then there were Miracles of Healing like the one before us today that shows how sin blinds us to the truth about God, life, Creation, sin and salvation. In all the healing miracles, we see how our entire constitution is ravaged by sin. And how that affects all ages, and appears on the surface in greater and lesser degrees
Sin is incurable, infectious and fatal – apart from Christ.
He performed miracles which demonstrated His authority over the powers of darkness, binding demons and casting them out.
There were Miracles of His Person – how He walked on water and supernaturally evaded His enemies before His time to die on the Cross.
Miracles over Nature – Withering the fig tree and stilling the storms. And more.
But it is the healing of blind Bartimaeus that captures my attention today.
You see, there comes a time, especially to those who were born physically blind, they come to realize that even though they cannot – others can see. Others have an experience and a faculty they do not. Blindness is not such a thing that one cannot know that they are blind.
And spiritually, when the spiritually blind are around those who CAN see, they get it. They get that these people see something they do not. And it is then they are ready for the touch of the Savior. Then, that they are ready for salvation.
No doubt there are some listening to me right now for whom this rings very true.
So let me ask – do you know that you are blind? When you hear others talk about God, the Word, the Spirit and the Gospel of Jesus Christ dying for sins, do you recognize that you have no firsthand knowledge of this, but only what you hear them say? That you do not see these for yourself?
Then now is the time to take your cue from blind Bartimaeus and cry to Jesus as he did: “Son of David, have mercy upon me!”
And if you tell Him you desire to recover your sight, He will heal you. And you will see Him. You will know Him.
Let that soak into your soul today friend.
God bless. And God willing, we’ll see you Monday.

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