Through the Word in 2020 #63 – June 29 / Another Look at the Humbleness of God

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Out of all the attributes of God, the one which continues to amaze me most, is the one I’ve heard the least about throughout my years: His Humility. Along with 2 Kings 25-1 Chronicles 2, Ephesians 6:21-Philippians 1:2 – we have this amazing display of God’s humility in the life of Jesus in Luke 2:39-52. That’s our topic today on Through the Word in 2020. I’m Reid Ferguson.
We’ve touched on this topic before, but our text in Luke 2 brings it to the forefront once again.
We in circles rooted in Reformed Theology love to draw from the likes of Jonathan Edwards when he tells us that ultimately – everything God does, He does for His own glory. To some, that sounds egotistical. Like God arranges the universe so that He can be sure He gets a cosmic pat on the back from all He does. The truth is far different than that.
God does all He does for His own glory because that is also the most blessed, gracious and loving thing He can do for His creatures. Since He Himself is the very fountain of all good – He cannot bless us in any higher way than to expose us to His own greatness an goodness – to His glory. In Him, in whom there is no sin – His self-disclosure is the highest act of selflessness He can perform. Rather than selfishly hiding Himself from us – He reveals Himself to us. And in the ultimate way – in Jesus’ incarnation, death on our behalf and resurrection.
If Colossians 2:9 is true, and it must be, how can He give us anything more? “For in him the whole fullness of deity dwells bodily.”
So when we come to this passage in Luke 2, we are met with an indescribably humble Savior. And it is in His humility that we encounter something of the glory of God we could not know any other way.
Think on it for a moment. When vs. 51 says Jesus went down with His mother and Father and was “submissive to them” – the specter is positively stunning.
How humble our God is.
Given the circumstances, the realities of His incarnation, the Lord of glory, the One who created the womb that had given Him birth; The One who at that very moment was sustaining the lives of His own earthly parents; The infinitely holy and perfect God – found it reasonable to remain submissive to His merely human inferiors.
Now were Mary and Joseph miraculously perfect parents? We would have no Biblical reason to believe so. And yet He willingly submitted Himself to them. The one who at that moment was upholding all things by the word of His power – was submitted to these middle-eastern, Jewish youngsters in the backwater of civilization.
And for us, wives find it unimaginable to be submitted to their husbands. Children find it unbearable to be submitted to their parents. Men find it unreasonable to be submitted to ecclesiastical or even civil authorities. We chafe at submission of any kind.
Maybe we suffer from some sort of pride, ego and individual sense of place and entitlement that never crossed the mind of the Living God.
Heavenly Father, give us the Spirit of Christ. Who though God in human flesh, didn’t grasp after His divinity, but humbled Himself. May we find such ease in all your sovereign arrangements and appointments in life. May we sweetly and easily submit to You and those you may put in authority over us in any sphere. Submit to you, who loves us beyond our wildest imaginations.
Let that soak into your soul today.
God willing, we’ll be back tomorrow.

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