Calling on the Lord

Rom. 10.13 For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”


I am currently preaching through the book of Romans. This last week I approached the 3rd part of Paul’s four part argument regarding why the inviolable love of God in Christ remains intact, even though it may seem outwardly that Israel has been severed from its own inviolable promises. (The theme of Rom. 9-11) He is suring up the Believer in his trust in Christ and perseverance.

As I worked through the passage, I had occasion to read Spurgeon’s sermon on Rom. 10.13 as cited above. Spurgeon notes that in a survey of Scripture you find that to “call upon the Lord” is seen in 4 contexts. To call upon the Lord is used in terms of WORSHIPPING God. To call upon the Lord is seen in the context of PRAYER. To call upon the Lord is also used of TRUSTING God. And lastly, to call upon the Lord is also used of PROFESSING faith in the Lord.

So it is I pose the question to you dear reader – Do you worship Jesus Christ as God? Do you call upon Him in life’s needs – and especially have you called upon HIm to forgive your sins and make you his own? Are you trusting the atoning, substitutionary of Jesus at Calvary alone for your right standing with God? Do you make an open profession of Him as your Savior and Lord? This is what it means to call upon Him. And those who do – WILL be saved.

Come worship God, in Christ today

Eternal, God, the Son

The radiance of God’s glory shown

Yet sinners – does not shun

Cry for mercy loud and strong

Plead for love’s great grace

His ears are open to the cries

Of such as seek His face

Trust Him as your Sacrifice

Tormented for your shame

Trust nothing else in Heav’n or earth

No Church, no Way, no Name

Profess Him, as your God and King

Sweet Jesus, crucified

The Lamb of God for sinners slain

In sinner’s place, He died

Oh call upon the Lord’s dear name

Who hear me – don’t delay

The Righteous Judge of all the earth

Will pardon you – today!


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