Faith and Repentance

Walk in Wisdom / Gleanings from Scripture


Eph. 2:8  For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God,

Adapted from Hart’s Hymns, No. 55 on Faith and Repentance.


Come dear Christians, sing the praises

Of your condescending God;

Come and hymn the holy Jesus

Who has washed us in His blood;

We are poor, weak and silly,

And to every evil prone;

Yet our Jesus loves us freely,

And receives us as His own.


Though we’re low in man’s opinion,

He has made us priests and kings,

Power, and glory, and dominion,

To the Lamb the sinner sings;

Leprous souls, unsound and filthy,

Come to Jesus in your sin:

Its the sick man, not the healthy

Needs His cleansing power within.


Hear the terms that never vary;

Come repent, and, come believe;

Both of these are necessary;

Both from Jesus we receive;

Would-be Christian! Rightly ponder

These in your impartial mind;

Let no man dare put asunder

What in wisdom Christ combined.


Please! Beware of wrongly thinking

God accepts you for your tears;

Are the shipwrecked saved by sinking?

Can the ruined rise by fears?

Hear! Beware of trust ungrounded,

Its imagined faith at best,

He cures no one but the wounded;

To the spent He gives His rest.


No big words from boastful talkers,

No dry doctrine will suffice:

Broken hearts, and humble walkers,

These are dear in Jesus’ eyes;

Tinkling sounds of disputation,

Naked knowledge, all are vain:

Every soul that gains salvation,

Must and shall be born again.




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