Seeker Sensitive – To be, or not to be? It depends on how you ask the question.

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from the Scripture


Luke 19.10 – For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.

Much ado is made in contemporary Christianity about Churches being “Seeker Sensitive”. The idea in the nomenclature of most, is to make sure that we as Christians, as the Church, conduct ourselves in such a way, that those who do not know Christ, do not find it an exercise in weirdness to enter our doors. True enough, Churches are to be maintained within society, so that the worship of the One True God is preserved, and especially that His Gospel message is declared and carried out. To that end, there will always be things peculiar to us in the Church setting. The Word ought to be read in our hearing. It then ought to be expounded to us so that we not only grow more and more acquainted with its truth, but that the force of its truth may impact us inwardly. Prayer is an essential. We are a people who call upon God as our all in all. We need to demonstrate that. And music – we are to make melody in our hearts before the Lord, and sing His praises in celebration, consecration and adoration. All of which MUST be done, and NONE of which ought to be bound to any mere cultural norm. Not that cultural norms won’t impact us – but it is to say we must be careful not to bring people into the Church and expect them to model, in taste, dress or habit those things peculiar to certain celebrated eras in Church history. We live int he 21st Century, and ought to speak 21st Century English for instance. American English at that. We do not dress like Puritans, nor should we. They dressed and conversed in the norms of their day, as we ought in ours. To that end, the idea of Seeker Sensitive is not only right, it is commanded.

Some may argue that “none are seeking God” – so the notion of “Seeker Sensitive” is bunk anyway. But we must be careful here not to press God’s Word beyond its bounds. Truly, no one seeks God as God on their own. But, the Spirit of God is always at work, convincing men of sin, righteousness and judgment. Those being wrought upon by the Spirit are indeed seeking. God is drawing them. And we must be very careful to remove any impediments of our own making, any unnecessary hindrances, lest we find ourselves to be actually opposing God’s own work in hearts and lives. We must not absolutize Romans 3.10-18 to the point that we make no room for the Spirit’s work. Yet, there must never be compromise on the essentials under any banner. Our message may be translated into the lingua franca, but we dare never obscure or neglect it in any way.

But might I take the idea of being Seeker Sensitive itself to another plane? Indeed, given our text today, I wonder if we ought not consider if our Churches are sensitive to the “Seeker” of the lost? Are we in league with His goals in world? Are our own hearts sensitive to His working? If He is seeking and saving the lost, are we joining Him in His labors? Are we taking up His cause and modeling His approach? Are we confronting sin, both inside religion and outside of it? Are we looking for the same ones the Father is – those who will worship Him in spirit and in truth? Is Christ honored above all things in our midst – are we sensitive to the presence of the Great Seeker? Would He be happy with our attitudes, actions, agendas, priorities, faith, depth of devotion, willingness to sacrifice the things of this life for what is to come, love for others, compassion, readiness to serve, delight in holiness, commitment to prayer, joy in his salvation, trust in His providence, warfare on indwelling sin, yieldedness to the Spirit or submission to His Word? Or are we grossly insensitive to the Seeker of lost men? That’s the kind of Seeker Sensitive we need to be – and that alone will make sure we become the other kind of Seeker Sensitive we ought to be. Not in compromise, but in pulling out all the stops to be like our Savior.

3 thoughts on “Seeker Sensitive – To be, or not to be? It depends on how you ask the question.

  1. That is the well thought message compounded with the Holy spirit.Send me more on my E- mail.

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