Auditing Prayer 101

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from the Scripture


Luke 11.1 – Now Jesus was praying in a certain place, and when He finished, one of His disciples said to Him, Lord, teach us to pray, as John taught his disciples.

What makes this request so interesting is, it would seem as if the disciples had been there all along. So why didn’t they already have a sense of how to pray, if they had been listening to and watching Jesus? In fact, is seems as though they had been around Jesus on other occasions when He had prayed. Why then this seemingly odd query? I am guessing, but it certainly might be, because He did not pray out loud. In other words, they had observed Him praying often, but had no
idea what was actually going on during those times. Whether or not that aspect is correct, this much is clear – He set down for them some key concepts, that it would be good for us to go back and revisit.

In this slightly abbreviated version (the fuller one is in Matt.) we can glean some very important lessons for our own prayer lives.

Let’s look at the entire structure of verses 1-13, and make some observations.

1 (1-4) The PRIORITIES in Prayer.
2 (5-10) The PROMISES for Prayer.
3 (11-13) The PATERNITY of Prayer.

Looking for today only at the PRIORITIES, here, we get some insight into the mind of Christ Himself. It is as though He is saying, “OK, so you want to pray? Let me tell you the things that most burn in MY heart and mind in prayer.

a. The GLORY of the Father. “Father, hallowed be our name.” When the Father is most revealed, when He is in His proper place in men’s hearts and minds, mankind is at the very apex of blessing. For God can give us nothing higher than Himself. Pray that the name of My Father’s name be restored. Nothing is of greater value to the universe.

b. The RULE of the Father. “Your kingdom come”. The source of all evil and woe, of every pain, sorrow, heartache, grief and ill is rebellion against the loving rule of God the Father. Pray He rule in the world of men through their hearts. Nothing can be better for them. Nothing is more right, more glorious, more good. May the Father extend His manifested rule
everywhere and in all things at all times.

c. The perfectly appropriate PROVISION of the Father. “Give us each our daily bread.” Who knows better our need as we expend ourselves in seeking His kingdom and righteousness? Not too much lest we grow drowsy. Not too little lest we grow
faint. Just right in every way. We are to look for His perfect provisions for our every need. If we have no provision for it – we don’t need it.

d. The Father’s PARDON. “and forgive us our sins.” It is against the Father we sin. And our intimacy with Him can only remain intact as we obtain His forgiveness for our often failures. How gracious He is. And how intensely He delights in our close fellowship.

e. The Father’s IMPARTATION. “for we ourselves forgive everyone who is indebted to us.” Oh that we might have His own heart, to forgive as He delights to forgive us. How we need that from Him. He alone can make it so.

f. The Father’s PURITY. “And lead us not into temptation.” Holiness. Knowing, anticipating our own weaknesses, and pleading that He might grant grace to keep us in a place where His name is protected in our behavior. Casting ourselves upon Him entirely.

These are the burning priorities in the bosom of Christ Jesus. We would do well to make them our own.

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