Tell me the “story” of Jesus

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Mark 16.15 – And He said to them, “Go into all the world and proclaim the Gospel to the whole creation.”

One of Fanny Crosby’s most beloved hymns begins –

“Tell me the story of Jesus,
Write on my heart every word.
Tell me the story most precious,
Sweetest that ever was heard.”

I never liked the idea of telling the “story” of Jesus. To my mind, I wanted to be clear that it was not a story in the sense of a fairy tale, or a myth. Of course, her words didn’t imply it was. Her words were meant to convey that the Gospel is more than a sound-byte of Biblical truth. The Gospel requires a context if it is to be understood. When Paul entered Synagogues, his main focus was to convince his hearers that Jesus was the Messiah. The Jews already had a clear context in which a “Messiah” made sense. They already shared certain foundational presuppositions. But when Paul is on Mars Hill (Acts 17) it is a different story. He has to create the proper context before he introduces them to Christ. In this sense, and especially in our present age and culture, this becomes increasingly important in terms of our own evangelism. In other words, we need to tell the “story” of Jesus. The truth, the WHOLE truth, and nothing but the truth.

As Sky and I drove back from Texas this past week, we saw many a “Gospel” billboard. Well meaning Christians all over this land are trying to get the message out. So it is we would see gigantic signs, full sized billboards with the words “Jesus Saves” on them. The problem is, for increasing millions in our society, they have no frame of reference for who Jesus is, or who, what or how He “saves”. We must tell the “story” of Jesus. We have to give the entire account. We need to not only to tell them Jesus saves, we need to tell them what precisely that means.

Following Paul’s lead, it seems to me that when we evangelize, we need to be sure there is some very basic ground covered so that there is no mistake about the Gospel message we preach. I would suggest 7 essentials. In our conversations with men and women, we can pretty quickly ascertain what of these foundational concepts they already do grasp (if any) and that then informs where we need to fill in the gaps to give the entire picture, and truly “good news” them. It isn’t complex. It is no more than our kids in Sunday School ought to know. But you’d be amazed how many do not have this paradigm at all.

As a bare minimum, we need to establish for them a world-view consisting in –

1. God as Creator, Man as Creature.
2. God as Righteous, Man as a Rebel – sinner.
3. God as Promisor, man as Promised to.
4. God Incarnate in Jesus Christ – Man as Visited by God.
5. Jesus’ death as Atoning Sacrifice – Man as Called to Repent and Believe.
6. Jesus as Raised from the dead – Man as Guaranteed.
7. Jesus as Coming Judge – Man as soon to be Judged.

Beloved, let us tell the “story” of Jesus. The WHOLE story. The entire account, if only in overview. That men might indeed believe, and be saved.

Don’t know how to witness?

Just cover the story.

A child can master it.

And our world desperately needs it.


10 thoughts on “Tell me the “story” of Jesus

  1. hello pastor: i fully agree, this world is so in need. i just got home not more then one hour ago from street ministry at the gay pride parade. what a view of those of the world so lost, so captive to a reality of sin and pride. this was not really the thing that stuck out to me the most though. i knew we would see that there. what really grabbed me was the other “Christians” out there, and not so much to minister as to just scream and yell at these lost souls. to call them names and revile them. oh if only they would have just stuck to telling the story, maybe they would help instead of hinder! great post! hope to see you soon.

  2. So good to hear from you Dave – and I could not agree with you more. When we we look at folks as Jesus did? “When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. ” Matt. 9.36. People may be our enemies, but we are not theirs. We are to have compassion on their bondage and labor in love to see them set free. They need to know the whole truth rather than living in the blindness they’ve grown to accept as normal. May God give us the compassion for them, He has had for us!

  3. I will just ask some or any of you , if you can give the response of the Father to Jesus , when Jesus ask the Father of ” why have you forsaken me ?”. Can you kindly give the verse in the scripture?

  4. to Reid,
    Can you kindly give me the verse pertaining to God’s reply to Jesus, when Jesus ask him, why have you forsaken me .

  5. Forgive my tardy response. As you know, the cry of Christ is recorded twice –
    Matt 27:46 And about the ninth hour Jesus cried out with a loud voice, saying, “Eli, Eli, lema sabachthani?” that is, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”
    Mark 15:34 And at the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, “Eloi, Eloi, lema sabachthani?” which means, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

    The response of the Father is not an audible one, but rather a demonstrated one. Christ’s sacrifice was received by the Father, the proof of which is His resurrection from the dead. In fulfilling of Ps 16:10 “For you will not abandon my soul to Sheol, or let your holy one see corruption.” (cited as such in Acts 2:27, Acts 2:31, Acts 13:35 and Acts 13:37) we see it was the Father who refused to let His body decay in the grave, but raised Him from the dead. In doing so, we are told – Rom 4:25 who was delivered up for our trespasses and raised for our justification.

    I hope that helps some.

  6. To Reid,
    I’m sad that you’re not so well versed when it comes to bible . I have asked this question to certain Reader from the Philippines, and he answered this question perfectly , with verses.
    You see Mr. Reid, I’m looking for a pastor that will fit the description in Luke 21:14-15. And I found it in the person of Bro. Soriano, from the Philippines.You can find him at his web site . .I accidentally browsed in to his wed site.
    God Bless,

  7. My dear friend – I am sorry that my answer did not satisfy you, and if someone had a better one and it is indeed Biblical, than I am most happy you found it. I’d like to see it.

    At the same time, I am most grieved to hear that you have come to regard well the ministry of Elisio Soriano. From what I have been able to ascertain, Mr. Soriano teaches several heretical doctrines, the likes of which, if believed, lead one to eternal damnation. His polytheism, rejection of Christ full deity and the person of the Holy Spirit are most serious errors. Errors I pray you will not fall victim to in your own beliefs. I have provided a link below to help establish those things. I hope you will take advantage of it, and run from such deception.

  8. Mr. Reid,
    Why is it , that you called the group of Bro. Soriano ,a cult ? Does it mean that your group is not a cult ? I’m just wondering , if your group is the true religious group, then how come you don’t understand the word of God. If you say that the word of God is in you, how come you want to see it . It mean only one thing, that God did not reveal it to you
    You see , what I’ve been trying to do , is to TRY SPIRITS whether they are of God.Because many FALSE PROPHETS are gone out into the world. ( I John4:1)
    If you think that have it , have a guts , debate Bro. Soriano , about things that you believe pertaining to words of God , and also about your groups belief, so that I and other may know who is telling the truth.
    That is the only logical thing to do,…. if you have the word of God.
    But one thing I’m sure of , is that , people are afraid to confront the truth, tendencies are, is to give you a lot of stupid alibis . And I think your one of these kind of people. So, please prove me wrong.
    your friend,

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