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Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from the Scripture


Psalm 32.8 – I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you with my eye upon you.

The other day, my wife called me on the phone to ask for directions to a place she wanted to go. The call began however with her saying she didn’t know where she was. Asking for landmarks, street names etc., I was able to figure out just where she was. From there, I was even able to tell her how to get where she was wanting to go. But when we get instructions and advice from those who have no idea where we are, where we’ve come from, and especially don’t know where we want to go – the results can be disastrous. If that is so in the natural, how much more in spiritual matters? It can mean the difference between life and death – eternally.

Now the Psalmist here declares God’s own words to us in this regard. And they are precious and comforting words for certain. He does not instruct us, and teach us just any way, but in “the” way in which we should go.” Oh what a good Savior He is to us. He is not uninformed about the way. He has walked it Himself. His own feet have carried the dust of the road He directs us to walk. He knows every pitfall, every hill, every place where it grows exceedingly narrow. He knows where the forks are, and which one to choose. He has tested the stepping stones when it takes us through unfamiliar waters. He knows the landmarks to use when the path grows dim or overgrown. He knows where quicksand is beside the way and the best means to step around it. The safe bridges, the hiding places from robbers, where to stop and rest in safety and where to find supplies and shelter along every inch of it. He knows the very best route. THE way which we should go.

But He not only knows the way itself, He tells us in the second place that He will counsel us with His eye upon us. At every turn, He knows just where we are. He never fails to keep His eye on us. His instruction is always borne out of perfect knowledge. There is no guesswork in His counsel, no suppositions. He is not a God who gives one-size-fits-all platitudes. His eye is on us. He knows just what we need when and where. There is no nuance of the path He is unfamiliar with Himself, and no place our foot is that He is not intimately acquainted with. He knows where we are.

Might I add here, that from His vantage point, He also counsels us with a clear sense of where we’ve come from. He knows exactly what we’ve been through to get to where we are. Every misstep in the past. Every place we’ve been misled and misdirected before by others. He knows all that has taken us through. He plans our route now in reference to where we’ve come from. Mindful of what we can and cannot handle at this particular time. Where the secret supplies are when our fears get the best of us. He knows our past in the most minute detail and counsels us on the way now – with that clearly in view.

And above all beloved, He knows where we are going. He cannot be fooled. He knows the way to the Celestial City. There is no mistaking that the very door of Heaven is where He is taking us. His eye is ever on the goal, as well as upon us. Measuring each mile. Pointing the way without error. Every direction He gives points us to the Cross, for all we desire is just beyond it. He keeps it every before us, even when we would fail to do so. He has no alternate routes, and no second best destination. Nothing short of conformity to the image of His beloved Son, and by no other means than the Light of His Word, illumined by His own Spirit. “Follow me” Jesus said to His disciples. It is the only sure way. And we can be certain that all along, He will instruct us and teach us in the way we should go, and counsel us at every turn – with His eye fixed upon us.


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