Becoming a Confidence man (or woman)

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture


Luke 11.1 – Now Jesus was praying in a certain place, and when He finished, one of His disciples said to Him, Lord, teach us to pray, as John taught his disciples.

The last time we looked at this passage, we noted three things about it:

The entire structure of verses 1-13, could be viewed as:

1 (1-4) The PRIORITIES in Prayer.
2 (5-10) The PROMISES for Prayer.
3 (11-13) The PATERNITY of Prayer.

Having looked only at the PRIORITIES then, it might be good to speak briefly about the second section, the PROMISES for prayer. Jesus is intent on His hearers then, and now, praying in faith. Praying expectantly. Praying believing that God hears and answers. And He labors to drive the point home by a very familiar parable couched first of all as a rhetorical question:

Which one of you (i.e. is it possible for anyone who?) has a friend, who, if you went at midnight with a need to put bread before a sudden and unexpected guest, wouldn’t rise up to help you? Is it even thinkable? That is His question. The assumption being – since the cultural norm of the day would have made such a notion so far beyond the realm of what one could expect – there could be no other answer but – no! A visitor coming to your house placed the highest obligation upon you to provide the basics for them. Your neighbor would feel your need most keenly – especially if that neighbor was – as he is denominated here – a friend.

Then Jesus ratchets up His point. Even if the friendship wouldn’t produce the help needed, the neighbor would do it just to get rid of him at midnight! The idea can’t be missed – no matter what, you’d get the bread you needed.

Here then is the first point – if such is the case in the natural – if such things can be universally depended upon among men, “how much more” the Father’s responses to our prayers? That God will not answer, is just out beyond the realm of any possibility in Heaven or Earth.

So let me ask you child of God, do you pray with that much confidence? You can. You should! Our Heavenly Father loves us far more than any of our friends. And He is never indisposed by sleep or some other encumbrance.

Pray! And pray confidently.

His second promissory idea is captured in the simple triple affirmation of verses 9 and 10. Ask, for everyone who asks, receives. Seek, and you WILL find. Knock, for to the one who knocks, it WILL be opened. The three-fold expression is a literary device for emphasizing to the highest degree. He cannot say it any more strongly.
Pray! And pray confidently.

And thirdly, He appeals to the familial love of the Father for His children. A love that makes it impossible again, unthinkable, that when we ask, He will do anything less for us than what is best for us. If no human father would dream of giving his child a snake when he asked for a fish to eat, or a scorpion if he hungered for an egg – then we can have absolute assurance that we will not receive any ill for our pleas and entreaties. He will not wrong us. He CANNOT wrong us. He is a GOOD God. His nature is holy. He would have to cease to be God to do such a thing.

Beloved –

Pray! And pray confidently.

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