Paternity Test

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from Scripture


Luke 11.1 – Now Jesus was praying in a certain place, and when He finished, one of His disciples said to Him, Lord, teach us to pray, as John taught his disciples.

1 (1-4) The PRIORITIES in Prayer.
2 (5-10) The PROMISES for Prayer.
3 (11-13) The PATERNITY of Prayer.

So far, we’ve looked at our priorities IN prayer, and the promises FOR prayer – as outlined by Jesus. Lastly, we want to spend a few moments looking at the Paternity OF prayer. And indeed, this is the very essence of prayer itself. That is, prayer is not about technique or careful verbiage. Its efficacy is not rooted in audible volume, length of discourse, physical posture (e.g. sitting, kneeling, standing etc.), eyes open or shut, Elizabethan thee’s and thou’s, facing toward Jerusalem,
time of day, structure – like start with praise, move to thanksgiving, then on to petition etc. Each of these may in fact be helpful given the peculiarities and needs of each individual. Some may NEED to stand instead of kneel, because they’ll fall asleep if they kneel. But none of them in any way either adds to or detracts from power in prayer. That is because power in prayer isn’t located in us, or anything we do in the act of prayer. Power in prayer, is dependent upon the one who hears and answers prayer. And that is why the Paternity of prayer is so important.

Beloved, Jesus’ instruction and encouragement in leading us in prayer, is all bound up in the joy of knowing we do not pray to some far off, detached deity, but to our loving, heavenly Father. That we come to Him with the utmost confidence of a trusting child. That we know His heart’s disposition toward us is even more tender than our own toward our children.

Perhaps you’ve not had the benefit of such a gracious Father. Maybe yours was distant, silent, cold. Perhaps he was even abusive, cruel, hateful and the very opposite of tender, compassionate, approachable and sympathetic. No more! No more! The very opposite of the pitiable examples our earthly fathers can turn out to be – is the Father of lights, from whom every good thing descends upon us from Heaven. He is thrilled to have us come. Rejoices to hear our voices. He delights to answer our heartfelt needs – and yes – even to indulge us at times simply in things we desire – and do not absolutely “need”.

This Father is perfect. Not in the sense of being a persnickety perfectionist – but perfect in lavish love; perfect in tenderheartedness; perfect in wisdom; perfect in mercy; perfect in forgiveness; perfect in intimacy; perfect in compassion;
perfect in gentleness.

You need not fear that you are ever disturbing Him, or irritating Him, or exasperating Him when you come. He has no “hold” button. He doesn’t duck the hard questions, always has time and leaves a standing invitation that no one has ever tested to its limits.

Prayer is so amazing and glorious beloved, because, as Jesus taught us, we pray to OUR Father. His, yours, and mine.


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