This Poor Man Cried

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from the Scripture


Psalm 34.6 – This poor man cried, and the Lord heard him and saved him out of all his troubles.


Cry, oh cry,

dear grieving soul

For Christ does more than hear

The Son of Man,

God’s Word made flesh,

In tenderness draws near


Smoking flax

He will not quench

But gently breathes to fire

The broken reed

He will not break

But mends to raise up higher


See Him there

Beside the tomb

The Living Savior weep

Though Lord of all

Pierced with your pain

Deep calling unto deep


Wrapped in arms

Of endless power

The broken heart He holds

And whispers soft

With words so sweet

Rich comforts there unfolds


His. You’re His.

No orphaned one

His own beloved child

Your every ache

His bosom pain

No rift. All reconciled.


Come, and rest

Your head on Him

Beloved of the King

He bids you come

Cast all on Him

Your grief. Your everything.


For Hilda Collier – On the passing of her Mom, into the arms of Jesus.


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