The Love of the Holy Spirit in Us

Walk in Wisdom – Gleanings from the Scripture


Rom. 5.5 – And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured into our hearts through the Holy Spirit who has been given to us.

When someone says it right, it is better to back off and let them speak for themselves. Here then is Abraham Kuyper on the love of the Holy Spirit in us, from his classic “The Work of The Holy Spirit” pages 558-559.

For those who would like it, this wonderful work by Kuyper is available on line at – KUYPER

It may not be denied that the Holy Spirit often meets serious opposition on the part of the saint: not from enmity, for he is an enemy no more, but because he is commanded to depart from sin, to renounce his idols, his sinful affections, the many things that seem indispensable to his joy and life, and especially when, pointing to the cross, the Holy Spirit imposes sacrifices, pursues him with afflictions, covers him with ignominy. Then that opposition can become so strong and grievous that one would almost say: “He is no more a child of God.”

And the Holy Spirit bears all this resistance with infinite pity, and overcomes it and casts it out with eternal mercy. Who that is not a stranger to his own heart does not remember how many years it took to before he would yield a certain point of resistance; how he always avoided facing it, restlessly opposed it, at last thought to end the matter by arranging a sort of modus vivendi (way of living, a deal) between himself and the Holy Spirit? But the Holy Spirit did not cease, gave him no rest; again and again that familiar voice. And after years of resistance he could not but yield in the end; it became like fire in his bones, and he cried out: “Thou, Lord art stronger than I; Thou hast prevailed.”

In this way the Holy Spirit breaks down every wall of partition, pouring out His light in all the heart’s empty spaces, gradually opening every door, gaining access to the soul’s most secret chambers, even to the vaults underneath the structure of our being, until finally, either before of in death, the outpouring of His brightness is complete in all our personality, and the whole heart has become His temple.

This task is executed only by means of Love. The Holy Spirit allows Himself to be grieved, provoked, and insulted, but He never yields. He is never weary of repeating the same thing to the ear that was once deaf. In our past or present there can be no sin, however base, of which He does not comfort us, which He does not pardon. He gives healing balm for every inner wound. He always has a word in good season for all that are weary. It is love always filling us with shame, but at the same time every uplifting, never despairing, unceasing in its devotion…

The Holy Spirit prevails by loving us, by proving His Love, by breathing Love, while at the same time, His victory carries Love into our hearts. Allow Him to enter your soul, and He will carry Love therein, which imperceptibly imparts itself to our heart and inclination. We yield, not because we are compelled by superior power, but being drawn by Love, we are affected that we cannot resist it.

And this is the glorious, divine, and beautiful art of which the Holy Spirit is the chief Artist. He alone understands it, and they whom He has taught. All other love is but a feeble shadow or faint imitation. Not until through Love the Holy Spirit has prevailed can Love enter our hearts, and then we, the formerly sinful and selfish, learn to appreciate Love.”


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