Margin notes for 4/28/2KX

“Whoever conceals his transgressions will not prosper, but he who confesses and forsakes them will obtain mercy.” (Proverbs 28:13, ESV)

The most obvious application of such a verse is that we need to be a people who regularly and candidly confess our sins to God. One’s salvation (if they are truly in Christ) is not lacking in security in any way, but intimacy with God is to be cherished and preserved. Unconfessed sin injures our closeness to Him. When we fail to acknowledge our sins before Him, we begin to follow a thought pattern that treats sin lightly, and fails to account for sin being a personal affront to our Lord and Savior. We treat it like the World does – as some sort of mere “legal” matter. But sin is not first and foremost a legal matter. Sin, above all other things, is a personal offense to our God’s holy nature. We offend Him when we sin – personally. And that issue needs to be addressed. To let it go, is to ignore Him – to treat Him as though He does not matter. As though our slaps to His holy face are inconsequential. As though our denials of who and what He is by failing to display His glory – mean nothing. As though the cross, means little. That Jesus died for nothing, after all – sin is such a little deal, we don’t even need to make amends when we commit it against Him. Something’s wrong with that picture. It grows out of a low view of sin – which is absolutely tied to a low view of the cross. Heavenly Father, make our hearts tender toward you again – so that we see the sinfulness of sin. Not so as to depress us or drive us to despair – but so as to make us melt at the awe and wonder of your mercy and grace in the substitutionary death of Jesus for our sin at Calvary. That we might delight in you all the more.

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