In loving memory of James Montgomery Boice

Yesterday was the 10th anniversary of the passing of Dr. James Montgomery Boice. A true solider of the cross, who even though I was only able to meet once, has had a profound impact on my own life and ministry.

Back when we were just trying to get conferences on Reformed Theology going in this area, Dr. Boice not only agreed to come (a promise he could not keep due to his health – he was diagnosed very shortly after) – but said to me – “Rochester! That’s only about 5 hours away, you wouldn’t even need to get me a plane, I could drive.” He was so excited to come. And had absolutely no sense of how generous that was, nor impactful his willingness remains to be to me.

I wrote this at the the time of his passing – and bring it back out. It is good to remember those who have blessed us.

The Gentle Warrior sleeps at last

Now shed this mortal coil

And wakes, anew in Christ’s blest arms

Full finished this life’s toil

And there, he bows, before the Throne

Of Christ he loved so dear

And marvels at the angels’ songs

He’s yearned so long to hear

In waves of glorious rapture swells

Convulsed with boundless joy

He weeps and sings and worships there

At beauty unalloyed

The vision of His God unveiled

Fills every livened sense

The Holiness of God now seen

Ecstatic reverence

The mind filled more than ever dreamed

Divinities laid bare

Transcending all he’d loved and spoke

His all – His Christ is there!

No shadows found in any room

No darkness anywhere

He flies from each new wonder, then

To more beyond compare

“He’s greater still!, He’s greater still!”

Is all his lips can say

As each unfolding moment brings

Him more of Heaven’s Day

In this his soul is now employed

Imbibing Heaven’s store

Till all who fell asleep in Him

Shall rise to die no more

The Gentle Warrior sleeps till then

His battles fought and won

In sweet repose upon the breast

Of Christ, the Blessed Son

In Loving memory of Dr. James Montgomery Boice, Who went home to be with His glorious God and King on June 15, 2000

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