Margin notes for 7/23/2KX

Titus 2:1 (ESV) But as for you, teach what accords with sound doctrine.”

Titus 2 most strikingly deals with “peculiar” sins. Not odd or strange sins, but sins that may be peculiar to particular people groups. Watch how these unfold, and see where they might affect you – and how it is Christ and the Gospel is the answer for them all.

vs. 2 – The peculiar sins of older men:

a. Ceasing to be “sober-minded” – Controlled in their thoughts. This will happen when one is given over to too many hours of TV or useless preoccupation with subjects not tending to still grow the soul in Christ’s image. Because one has reached “maturity” physically, does not mean they can now “retire” from the spiritual battlefield, nor stop pursuing the likeness of Christ.

b. Abandoning “dignity” – Repectable and upright character.

c. Losing self-control – Letting oneself go, losing the need to still be disciplined for Christ’s sake.

d. Becoming unsound in Christianity – letting the mind adopt strange or aberrant views of Scripture and doctrine. It happens when the mind is not held captive to the sound teaching of the Word of God, and is allowed to muse undirected.

e. Abandoning a loving attitude and taking on the grouchiness of old age.

f. Not remaining steadfast – coasting on their past Christian experience.

vss. 3-5 – The peculiar sins of older women:

a. Giving in to silliness and the pursuit of worthless things in “retirement”.

b. Becoming slanderers of others – talking about others negatively rather than employing themselves in ministering to others. Ministering in the sense of growing in Godliness, not just physically.

c. Failing to take responsibility for helping younger women grow in grace.

d. Failing to remain submissive and not self-willed. Many women in older age throw off submissiveness – thinking they’ve “earned” taking a lead role now.

vs. 6 – The #1 issue – the #1 one peculiar sin for young men and young women is: “I’ve just GOT to have”… Learning self-control, is paramount, which must entail:

a. Self-discipline in regard to spiritual matters.

b. Self-denial in regard to temptation and the waste of time in frivolous pursuits.

vss. 7& 8 – The peculiar sins of leaders:

a. Leadership itself – the office – can become a substitute for engaging in actual good works themselves.

b. Integrity in teaching is needed: Teaching as “do as I say, not as I do.”

c. Cultivating a dignified lifestyle – not given over to the garish and trendy or materialistic.

d. Unsound speech – unclear, confusing, unguarded and unedifying speech.

vss. 9 & 10 – The peculiar sins of employees:

a. Self-willed and resentful of authority in the workplace.

b. A poor work ethic, just doing what needs to be done to get by.

c. Unwilling to carry out orders without argument. Failing to defer to authority.

d. Not stealing from the company store – not thinking we have some “right” to company property – however small.

e. Showing trustworthiness to keep up our end of the contract.

God willing – we’ll consider the remedy next time.

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