Margin notes of 7/28/2KX

Deuteronomy 30:6 (ESV) “And the Lord your God will circumcise your heart and the heart of your offspring, so that you will love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul, that you may live.”

Some parts of our Bibles don’t get read quite as often or as in depth as some others. Deuteronomy usually falls within that category. Its not the first place we run to when looking for comfort, like the Psalms often are. And truth be told, Christians are members of the New Covenant, not the Old. It is fitting that we spend more time looking at things this side of the Cross. Nevertheless, because the realities of the New Covenant in Christ is given to us in the types and shadows of the Old – when the light of the Cross shines back over those passages, it brings to light manifold treasures. Treasures like the one in the passage under consideration today.

As Moses is preparing to depart this world, he is pressing home a series of crucial truths on the people of Israel. Among them comes a warning about deceiving oneself by saying inwardly “I’ve heard and assented to the Covenant, so I am safe, and now can live any way I please!” (Deut. 29:18-21). Moses tells them in no uncertain terms that God will not let that kind of thinking go. In fact, He doesn’t under the New Covenant either – despite what some may think.

Moses then goes on to describe the tragic results of such a mindset in God’s refusal to forgive such thinking, and the destruction it will bring upon both the individual, and the corporate group of God’s people. So drastic is God’s response, that one might even wonder “what will become of the God’s promises in the end?” The answer to which is given in 29:29 – and then later unpacked in detail by Paul in Romans 9-11.

What then is to be done? Should individuals go down this path, should God’s people as a whole suffer greatly as a result – what is the cure? How is it to be turned around? What is needed? And to the shock of many – God’s answer is NOT to be found in a re-commitment to being better law-keepers. No, the answer is found in a heart, circumcised by God – to love. Love. Law is not the answer. It never is. Love is the answer. For the heart and mind governed by an all consuming love of God – will bring us to a life that no law, or number of aggregate laws could ever produce. This, is our text. Love.

Beloved, maybe you’ve strayed from the Lord you God. Maybe you’ve been guilty of the very heart and mind Moses warned the Children of Israel about – presuming on God’s grace by refusing to deal with sin because you were “in.” And now, the results have seen your life turned upside down and the weight of your guilt is crushing the very life out of you. The answer is not to “get your act together” – it is to have your “love” restored. It is to go back to the Cross – to see Him there, dying for your sins – and to bathe in the glory of His love, until it washes, revitalizes, cleanses and renews your heart and mind. Until you are so enamored with His love, that you cannot help but love Him back. Go to Calvary again. Learn to love again, by seeking out the depths of His love for you. Nothing else will do.

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