Margin notes for 10/25/2KX

Nehemiah 8:8 (ESV) They read from the book, from the Law of God, clearly, and they gave the sense, so that the people understood the reading.

One more attempt at making one of my most beloved hymns a bit more accessible to a wider audience. From “Be Thou My Vision” –

vs. 1

Be so lovely to me, that you capture my heart

Let nothing else ever take up that part

First in my thoughts every day, every night

Christ above every joy and above every fright

vs. 2

Let me see all truth through the lens of your Cross

All of my wealth in the blood of your loss

Father of all making me your true child

Jesus by dying there, brought me home, reconciled

vs. 3

Father please protect me in the heat of the fight

You are the good in me, Be my delight

Teach me how to trust you and rest in your power

Lift me up to yourself in my faltering hour

vs. 4

Nothing is of value, compared to your grace

You are my treasure both now and always

Although my love is poor as its been from the start

Your love is infinite and redeems my poor heart

vs. 5

High King of Heaven, Lord Jesus the Son

Bring me to you when this life is all done

Let nothing ever tempt me to shrink from your call

Conquer the whole of me and be Ruler of all.

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