How dying in Christ makes a difference.

“I am going to the three Persons with whom I have had communion: They have taken me, I did not take Them. I shall be changed in the twinkling of an eye; all my lusts and corruptions I shall be rid of, which I could not be here; those croaking toads will fall off in a moment.”

These are some of the last words penned by Thomas Goodwin to his son. The handsome chap is pictured to the left.

Goodwin was one of those 17th century luminaries and theologian/preachers that characterized that unique time in the Church’s history.  His written works are testimonies to exegetical excellence and practical application. He believed in the Christian’s experiential walk with God as this quote testifies to – as Goodwin approached the valley of the shadow of death. He feared no evil there – for his God was with him.

May we all be able to bear such witness.

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