Dressing up for The King

Psalm 45:10–11 (ESV) Hear, O daughter, and consider, and incline your ear: forget your people and your father’s house, 11 and the king will desire your beauty. Since he is your lord, bow to him.

Every woman knows that she can do things which add to her desirability to her husband. We’re not talking about increasing love here, but pursuing attractiveness. Certain perfumes, or that special dress evoke a smiling response. Maybe he’s mentioned how he prefers her hair, or when she does or does not wear makeup – or uses certain makeup – etc. These are simple facts of life. And we wouldn’t imagine any wife unwilling to make herself attractive to her beloved – after all, if the relationship is healthy, she WANTS to be desirable to Him.

For the gal in our graphic – in her culture – this is what beauty looks like. This is attractiveness. But the question is what is beauty in the culture of Heaven? As the Bride of Christ – all of us, both male and female redeemed by the blood of the Lamb – have we given much thought to what makes us attractive in special ways to Him? We have no doubt of His great love for us – we need no other proof than the Cross. But do we consciously consider how we might make ourselves more desirable to Him. How we might bring a smile across His face because we do those things that we know please Him? This short passage mentions one way we can do this that I believe is worth our consideration.

Look for a moment at the first sentence of verse 11 – “and the king will desire your beauty.” What an expression that is! What IS that? What makes our King “desire” our “beauty.” What is so evocative to the King of Glory? This: The heart of Christ is especially moved with desire toward His betrothed, when we forsake all others and cling only to Him. When His words are the dearest to us. When His majesty overwhelms us. That is when He finds us most lovely. We are never more beautiful to Him then when we are wholly and unreservedly – His.

Christian – put on that special dress. Adorn yourself with His favorite jewelry. Make yourself irresistible to the One who has already loved you beyond your wildest dreams. Live in such a way – that He knows you find Him so lovely, that no one, and no thing – even ranks on the same scale of importance. Be wholly and unreservedly – His. He delights in that scent.

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