Lazarus’ raising as the “first light” of Easter

John 11:1 (ESV) Now a certain man was ill, Lazarus of Bethany, the village of Mary and her sister Martha.

Some observations on the greatest type of Easter – in light of our soon celebration of Christ’s resurrection from the dead.

2 / Tragedy and death come to all – even those whose devotion to Christ is superlative.

3 / The privilege of those who know Christ, is to appeal to Him on a very personal level.

4 / We tend to think more in terms of the IMMEDIATE, while God’s chief consideration is the ULTIMATE end of things.

5-6 / Even God’s inscrutable delays or what appear to be refusals to answer are the product of His great love for us.

9 / We cannot work with confidence until we are walking in the light of God’s plan and purpose and reality. But when we ARE about the Father’s business, stumbling is eliminated.

12 / To our God, death is little different than sleep. He is Lord of all!

14-15 / How carefully Christ’s Providences are laid out – that we might believe. How little notice we take of them.

21-22 / OUR failure to understand why God may have acted differently than we might have preferred – is no reason to doubt HIM.

21-26 / Our final hope is in the resurrection, not ease or profit or comfort in this life.

21-26 / Some in their grief, need but to be reminded of the promise of God and what is before us as Believers.

28-35 / Others in their grief need us simply to grieve with them. To be there in their pain. Doubt isn’t the problem – mere sorrow is.

33 / Our God is outraged at the effects of sin – He is not complacent . Though He be judge of all, He takes no delight in the death that is our just reward for sin. He hates the unbelief that brought sin and its effects about, and that continues to sustain it.

40 / Jesus locates the manifestation of the glory of God in the resurrection – in His final triumph over sin and death, in mercy and grace. This is what He wants us to know about Himself above all else.

41-42 / In love, God does not act merely for Himself – but to bless others. This is the nature of love – unselfish and giving.

44 / God’s care for us is not only in reversing death – but in setting us free from all sin has bound us to, and all the sin that is bound to us.

What a Savior!

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