Looking for my “soul mate”

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20111014-145653.jpgProverbs 14:10 – The heart knows its own bitterness, and no stranger shares it’s joy.

The words above are true enough. To know someone’s bitterness or joy, we must have more than a cursory acquaintance with them – we must KNOW them.

But the truth is, there are parts of us no other human being will ever truly know the way we might wish. No one can really know us, the way we desire to be known. Human knowledge will always lack in this way.

As a result of not understanding this, many end up running from person to person, partner to partner, relationship to relationship hoping to find someone who will know them truly and deeply.

“My wife doesn’t understand me”, “My husband never really knew me” are the plaintiff cries of those falling headlong into extra-marital affairs. Such are the spoken and often unspoken sentiments of those who have used this reality as an excuse for emotionally distancing themselves from those they’ve vowed before God to “love until death do us part.” All the while, what is being ignored is that we are desperately seeking what no one can give us – by design.

This place, this holy of holies in the human soul is a place God reserves for Himself. The truth is, we cannot have this experience at the depth we desire except in communion with Him. If we put this burden on others, we will either crush them, or frustrate them. And, we will drive ourselves to despair. Worst of all, we commit sacrilege. We are found wanting to substitute the presence of a human soul behind the veil – instead of the Spirit of God. And it cannot be done.

Beloved, do wish to be known? Then begin knowing the One who created you TO be known fully only by Himself, and who desires you to know Him too. What you seek can only be found in Christ, for this is how He made you. You cannot fill your soul with another human being any more than you can fill your gas tank with sand. Don’t blame your spouse for what they were never meant to give. Come to the Fountain, and drink your fill of The Water of Life.

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