Honor, Haughtiness and Humility


Proverbs 18:12 Before destruction a man’s heart is haughty, but humility comes before honor.

Haughtiness is fake honor – generated in the person’s own mind. True honor issues out of humility, not haughtiness. But how many men imagine they deserve “honor” or “respect” and rage when they think themselves somehow robbed of it by others – especially wives or children. All the time never recognizing that honor is the fruit of humility, and not an inflated sense of self that demands others acknowledge it.

Men, are you feeling dishonored, disrespected? Humble yourself. In humbling yourself you will at least be honorable – even if not truly honored by others. In the end, the honorable one receives their reward from One whose opinion is worth far more than any human being’s could ever be.

This after all is the mind of Christ. The One who truly deserved all honor and respect and glory. Who did not blink to understand that He was equal with God, and yet humbled Himself. He took on the form of a servant, not one to be honored. And He took on that Servant’s heart even to the point of dying on the Cross. He did not consider the humility of being publicly vilified, mocked, dishonored, mistreated – indeed abused, brutalized and at last savagely murdered as though a worthless cur – anything in comparison with the joy that was set before Him. Joy consummated in resurrection to the Father’s smile, and the purchase of the lost.

How many still do not honor Him. Even among those who would call themselves Christians – disregarding His desires and commands while giving lip service to being His Disciples. And even still He remains humble, and does not rise up in indignation (and in His case just indignation) and berate or punish us in our failure to worship at His feet as is His due.

Oh what a Savior!

Heavenly Father – give us hearts like our Jesus. And forgive us our haughtiness. For His name’s sake – that He might be truly honored as is fitting.

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