Digging Deeper into Proverbs 4(a)


Proverbs 4:5 “Get wisdom; get insight; do not forget, and do not turn away from the words of my mouth.”

What becomes increasingly plain in the book of Proverbs is, that insight and wisdom have to do with understanding how things are, and how they work – from God’s point of view. It is insight into the divine economy. It is like having sight in a world of blind men.

It isn’t that we are to try and see things that aren’t there, but see them as they really are.

Values are assigned by eternal standards, not temporal.

Eternal justice must always be held in tension.

God’s sovereignty as well as man’s responsibility have to be kept together.

Man’s relationship to God must define his relationship to all others, and to the the universe itself.

Heavenly Father, how we need this wisdom. How we plead to you for this insight.

All of this requires that Christ be contemplated as the sum and center of God’s plans and purposes. Clearing the fog off of life by redirecting oneself to think about how my life and its various facets fit into the purposes and plans Of God in Christ.

Christ IS God’s wisdom.

Here is where God’s genius is brought before our view in the very deepest parts. To be caught up in this unimaginable plan to bless an undeserving people through untold mercy and grace, and then to bring us right into His family. This is unfathomably wonderful. And if we are failing to be amazed at it, we need to look harder, and ask for more and more insight.

We need to ask ourselves over and over – what is it that is so wonderful in this salvation, in Christ, that the Father holds it up as supremely worthy of our everlasting and infinite inquiry and attention. So if I “just don’t get it”, I need to seek Him until I do.

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