Digging Deeper in Proverbs 14(a) – The Building Church


Proverbs 14:1 The wisest of women builds her house, but folly with her own hands tears it down.

Is the Church as the wise woman about the business of building the Church – laboring WITH Christ in His goal? Or are we guilty of sometimes breaking it down with our own hands? If we would be a part of His purpose and plan in building His Church – here are some of the things we’ll need to keep in mind:

(2) It will take an upright walk.

(3) It will take imbibing God’s Wisdom.

(4) It will be messy.

(5) It must be built upon the Truth.

(6) It increases in the knowledge of Christ.

(7) It require we reject foolishness.

(8) It will take a Bible-saturated vision for the future.

(9) It require placing much weight upon the reality of sin and God’s sacrifice for in Christ Jesus.

(10) It takes knowing not everyone will share in our joy or sorrow in its increase and stumbling.

(11) It takes faith to believe it will succeed.

(12) It rejects worldly means for spiritual ones.

(13) It knows sorrow will attend its progress.

(14) It recognizes that some will pull back from joining the labor.

(15) It takes knowing that some things are true, and others are not.

(16) It is built by those who are cautious about falling into evil.

(17) It knows that rashness and fits of anger are counter to its aim.

(18) It understands this is a wisdom the world does not understand.

(19) It thrives on trusting in Christ’s final victory.

(20) It understands the real wealth is has to give to the world in the Gospel.

(21) It rejects a mindset that fails to value those made in God’s image.

(22) It trusts Christ will attend them in their faithfulness.

(23) It must conspire to bless mankind in Christ.

(24) It knows its wealth is in the King of Glory.

(25) It avoids deceit.

(26) It fears the Lord, and so fear little else like culture or politics.

(27) It thrives on knowing it King’s true power and position is not to be triffled with.

(28) It seeks to glorify its King in bringing more to Him.

(29) It walks in holy, divine patience.

(30) It thrive on the tranquility of being secure in the Savior.

(31) It remains generous with its bestowments.

(32) It abides when all else passes away.

(33) It informs the whole of the one who knows Christ as God’s wisdom.

(34) It seeks a Kingdom built upon God’s own righteousness in Christ.

(35) It trusts that that in following Christ, it walks in the favor of the Living God.

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