Digging Deeper in Proverbs 19(b)


Proverbs 19:4 Wealth brings many new friends, but a poor man is deserted by his friend.

If you are one who’s relationships are built only around what you get out of it, and you put nothing into it to benefit the others – you will find yourself all alone. If you have few friends, ask yourself – do I contribute anything to others, or do I go to them only to fill up the void in myself? If this is the way it is with you – you are a very lonely person indeed. The others cannot pour enough into your void to fill you up. And after a while, they give up. They are drained, and have nothing to show for it. They flee in self-preservation.

How unlike our Savior this is. The Spirit of Christ is to seek and to save, to serve rather than to be served.

Heavenly Father, fill me up with Christ that I might have something of eternal value to pour out to those around me. Keep me from becoming a selfish drain, but instead, one from out of whose belly can flow rivers of living water. Teach me the holy art of refreshing other in Jesus.

Proverbs 19:11 Good sense makes one slow to anger, and it is his glory to overlook an offense.

It is amazing how we will turn the other cheek with some – but almost never with our spouses. What glory we forfeit when we fail to love like our Heavenly Father loves us.

And doesn’t this beg our looking to how Christ treats His Bride – the Church? He does not spend all His time criticizing, demanding, nit-picking, chiding or berating. Never is He cruel, harsh or vindictive. In love He woos and in glorious, infinite patience counsels and encourages and draws us near even when are most offensive to Him. He is never moody. His love does not run hot and then cold. No, He is never oblivious to our sin, yet He does not fall into pettiness, rashness or sharpness either. He knows our sin. It grieves Him. Grieves Him more for what it does to us than to Himself. And by His Spirit and His Word He equips us and molds and shapes our hearts to draw us after Himself in true righteousness and holiness. Oh what a wonderful Savior and Bridegroom He is to us!

Our Christ is so exceedingly slow to anger when we so often have a hair trigger. And it is His great glory when He overlooks our offenses.

It takes no skill to get into arguments. Any idiot can bicker, fight argue and quarrel. This is the domain of fools. To avoid these or end them once they’ve begun, this takes wisdom, courage, self-control and uprightness. It is sad to see how many who bear the name of Christian are noted almost exclusively for their ability to enter into one conflict after another. How contrary to the Spirit of Christ.  They seem to be on endless crusades against others. Oh that we would expend the same energy fighting our own sinfulness. Heavenly Father, make it so in my life.

No, Jesus was and is no coward. He never compromised or backed down from the truth. He spoke openly, plainly and honestly at all times. Yet always in His slow to anger frame, and in His glorious abiding patience.

What a wonder He is.





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