Thinking Biblically About The Antichrist


There seem to be no end to theories about who or what the “antichrist” spoken of in Scripture is. So seldom is that idea truly expounded out of sober and sound Biblical exegesis that almost anything or anyone can be plugged into it.

With hopes of bringing some  of semblance of right thinking to the table, I submit the following by D. A. Carson – Research Professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School. Taking the time to REALLY dig, pays off in BIG ways as this lecture (and the others surrounding it) will abundantly show. Do take the time if you are interested in something other than a pop treatment of the Book of Revelation. Once you get to the page, look at the 4th lecture in the series – “Anti-Christ and the False Prophet.” It will whet your appetite for the other with it.

Happy listening!


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